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Careers With a BA/BS in Psychology

Ever wonder what careers you might pursue with a degree in Psychology?  We discussed these issues with distinguished U of U Psychology alumni in a roundtable discussion.  Panelist include Lace Padilla (Assistant Professor), Scott Reed (Lawyer), Rachel Sturm (Human Factors), and Christey Thuet (Pediatrician).  The event occurred on 11/11/2020 and was co-moderated by Selena Wirthlin (Psi Chi President) and Bert Uchino.



Psychology as a Hub ScienceCareer Profiles, Options, Skills, & More

As a hub science, psychology is uniquely positioned to provide a strong platform from which you can launch a successful career into academia, or nearly any field of industry. Through study of psychology you can not only develop soft-skills such as team-work, emotional intelligence, and persuasive communication, but you can also cultivate technical skills in areas such as research methods and design, statistical analysis, and error & risk analysis.

To see career profiles from recent program alumni, and to find out more about career options, skill development and more, please see: Career Profiles, Options, Skills, & More.

Career Statistics, Guides, & Job Boards

The field of psychology is rapidly expanding and is expected to have strong growth over the next 5 – 10 years. Pay is often dependent on experience and location (among other factors), but those who in a BA/BS in Psychology can typically expect to earn a starting salary around $35 – 40k or more per year.

As a student or recent graduate, navigating the path to employment can sometimes be a daunting task. To help you reach that goal successfully we have put together some of our favorite resources for careers in psychology; these resources include information on outlook and pay, career guides, and psychology related job boards. For more information please see: Career Statistics, Guides, & Job Boards.

Career and Professional Development Center

In addition to the resources in the links above, the University of Utah also has a department specifically dedicated to Career Services. This department provides services in skills and interests assessments, resume review, interview practice, internships, and job placement. To find out more please visit Career and Professional Development Center, or make an appointment with the Department of Psychology Career Coach below.


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Last Updated: 5/19/22