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A Message to Our Psychology Community

Dear Department of Psychology students, staff, and scholars:

We would like to share with you a letter from Dr. Ruth Watkins and Dr. Michael Hardman on the most recent events affecting immigrant and non-immigrant students, and an update regarding the revised executive order issued on March 7th. In addition, a recent talk by Graduate School Dean Dave Kieda expresses similar sentiment, and Dr. Watkins would like to join in expressing deep support and gratitude for our international community. To anyone feeling uncertainty, we would like to remind you of how valued you are as a student, staff member, or scholar in our department.

The Department of Psychology, its faculty and staff, and our Psychology Advising Center (PAC) Office are committed to supporting all students, no matter your immigration status. We will continue to support you in your academic career, as our mission is to create an environment that is welcoming for all students, no matter your background. Every student and scholar makes our department a better representation of the world as a whole – qualities that we have always believed make us stronger, not just as a school, but as a community.

If you are experiencing academic difficulties, please come speak with an academic advisor regarding your options. We will try our best to accommodate you during normal business hours. Additionally, Kate Keddington can help accommodate students who are unable to travel to campus. Please know that we are available to speak with you about how recent events may be affecting you, and refer you to resources as needed, such as:

Whether you are classified as an immigrant, a non-immigrant, an international, or an undocumented student, be assured that as educators, we value you as a person and will continue to advocate for you.

 Monarch Butterfly


Warmest regards, 

Jonathan Butner, Department Chair

Sarah Creem-Regehr, Associate Chair

Monisha Pasupathi, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Paula G. Williams, Director of Graduate Studies

Craig Bryan, Diversity Committee, and Director, National Center for Veterans Studies

Jacqueline Chen, Diversity Committee

Nancy Seegmiller, Program Manager

Cynthia White, Administrative Program Coordinator

April Sanders-Aboulila, Academic Advisor

Ashley MacPherson, Academic Advisor

Kate Keddington, Virtual Advisor

Last Updated: 7/3/24