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Psychology Newsletter 2023

Message from the Chairs

Jonathan Butner, PhD

Department Chair through
June 2023

This year was marked with several challenges.  Our majors grew to unprecedented levels leading our department to confer more bachelors degrees than any other program at the university.  And as the university seeks to grow the overall size of the student body, we expect this to just be the beginning.  Further, the post-pandemic era has been associated with high levels of mental health needs across campus and Utah more generally. Our department has stepped up to try to meet those needs.  Much of what is reported in this newsletter is a byproduct of these efforts.


Sarah Creem-Regehr, PhD

Interim Department Chair starting July 2023

Hello! I am a Professor in the Cognition and Neural Sciences area and have been a member of the faculty in the Psychology Department for over 20 years. I am very happy to step in and lead the department for the upcoming 2023-2024 year. We have some exciting opportunities happening this year including new faculty hiring, new interdisciplinary research grants awarded, increased undergraduate and graduate student courses, a growing honors thesis program, and equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives. The growth of our undergraduate major is both exciting and challenging and I hope to serve our students, faculty, and staff in advancing our educational, training, and research goals.

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Last Updated: 8/21/23