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Currently this course is closed, we are planning on reopening it SPRING 2013. If you have questions or you are interest in taking the course, please contact Professor Malloy: beth [dot] malloy [at] comcast [dot] net.

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  1. Fully accredited and accepted by colleges and universities nationwide.
  2. Professor Tom Malloy was awarded "Exemplar of Technology Delivered Instruction" by The Utah System of Higher Education: Utah Electronic College Consortium for the creation of this class.
  3. Selected as a featured course by the National Repository of Online Courses | NROC
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  1. Low Cost. $222.50 per credit hour, no fees.
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  3. Many interactive games and simulations aid in learning statistics.
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What makes StatCenter and Psych 3000 Online stand out from online courses that are based primarily on the exchange of email and threaded discussion forums is the sophisticated teaching design of the interactive online software (Java applets).

Award-winning teacher, Tom Malloy, based on 30 years of teaching statistics, has designed the applet interactivity course to teach students difficult statistical concepts in elegant and engaging ways that get results. Among his many teaching awards Tom Malloy was selected as the best teacher in Utah in 1993 by the Carnegie Foundation.

Beth Malloy earned her B.S. (Cum Laude) from the University of Utah with a major in electrical engineering and a mathematics minor. She has taught statistics, college algebra, trigonometry, intermediate and elementary algebra, and G.R.E. and A.C.T. prep courses. In her spare time Beth enjoys rock climbing and world travel.Beth received the University of Utah Division of Continuing Education's Outstanding Instructor Award (1995-1996).

A guiding design principle in the design of Psychology 3000 Statistics is the use of a rich set of "value-added" features. What do we mean by that? Legitimate critiques of online education point out that value is lost when the classroom, face-to-face interaction with a teacher is minimized or eliminated. It is therefore important that online education make up for this lost value with software which adds value that a teacher cannot provide. Simply using computers to teach the same information in the same way as in the classroom but without the human interaction is generally assumed to degrade rather than improve education. The "value-lost" degradation of teaching and learning in online education is not inevitable. For example, research simulation programs can give students repeated experiences with making research design and data analysis decisions. Such multiple experiences are very difficult to accomplish in a lecture or a discussion, even in a one-to-one tutorial. Research simulations (while less enriched than independent study in a faculty's research lab) adds value by teaching statistical and research concepts in ways that normal classroom interaction cannot easily accomplish.

Credit Hours: 4
Price: $890
Midterm and Final Exams
25 Lectures/Lessons
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Full, printable online lectures. Psychology 3000 Online makes a full set of online lectures for the entire class available to students online.

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