Jonathan Amburgey, Ph.D.

Instructor, Social Psychology

Contact Information


Research Interests

My academic research and teaching interests fall within three domains of scientific study: social psychology (the study of human social interaction), environmental psychology (the interdisciplinary study of how built and natural environments affect behavior), and quantitative psychology (development and application of statistical methods and techniques for analyzing human behavior).

Broadly, I am interested in the following topics within each domain:

Social psychology: attitudes, persuasion processes, social influence, compliance, stereotypes and academic performance, individual differences in personality;

Environmental psychology: environmental attitudes, values, beliefs, and how they relate to pro and anti-environmental behaviors; psychological perspectives on environmental problems, issues pertaining to sustainability, restorative environments, cognition in the wild, pro-environmental behavior change, human-interactions within urban settings.

Quantitative psychology: scale construction and validation; psychometrics; structural equation modeling; longitudinal data analysis; mathematical modeling of behavior.